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Welcome to our Theatre Factory based in Barrow-in-Furness


Theatre Factory is a programme of theatre activity by, for and with young people in the Furness Peninsula. The programme covers acting, improvisation, voice, movement and writing for the theatre. Theatre Factory provides the opportunity for young people to collaborate with practising theatre artists and all the productions spring from the creativity of those young people, guided by skilled professionals.

We are grateful to all our funding partners for supporting our work. For links to our funders, friends and partners click here


Since the company started in 1997, up until the end of March 2013, we have put back into the local economy £1,012,564 in fees and salaries to local people and goods and services bought from local businesses

The Ashton Group is producing some of the highest quality Youth Theatre work I have seen, both in their development process and quality of performances. I think your work should be highlighted nationally as an example of best practice.
Long may it continue!

Julie Batten, Director, People Express, South Derbyshire

I never get picked to be in the plays at school. They always pick the good people. When I told my teacher I was going to be in a play at the Forum 28, I don’t think she believed me. My Mam and my Nana came to see me and they were dead proud of me. They told me we were all dead good . . . I was dead proud of me!   Cast Member

We have a fight to get him to open his reading book but he practised that script every night. I think it’s helped his reading no end and his confidence                    Mum of Cast Member

It mainly taught me a lot about myself and boosted my confidence in my own ability drastically. It made me want to be an actor, and Iíve applied to colleges and universities. This would not have happened had I not done this apprenticeship. Thank you for giving me this chance and giving me confidence in my own ability

Cast Member, Apprenticed Actors Company, 2009


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