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Night One - Young Voices

Neighbears by the Ormsgill Community Youth Group
The Sheer family live on Ormsgill estate. They are eagerly awaiting the arrival of a new family who are due to move into the empty house across the street, but when they turn up they aren't what Mr and Mrs Sheer had in mind . . . a touch too hairy! Romeo and Juliet meets Goldilocks up the reservoir.

Leanne White - Mrs Sheer
Mathew Moorby - Mr Sheer/Amy/gossip
Laura Dixon - Caitlin/gossip
Gemma Costley - Faye
Laura Parks - Nicky/gossip
Sophie Dixon - Kristy
Emily Martin - Mrs Porridge
Emily Richards - Jack
Kelly Duncanson - Pee Wee/Kay
Chantelle Craig - Baby/Nana Sheer/gossip
Sheralee Armstrong - Aunty Patsy/gossip
Ann Marie Holmes - Scare Bear
Kerry Vigus - Bear gang
Karyn Blanchard - Bear gang

Sherbet! devised by the Barrow Island Community Youth Group
Emma has moved up from Manchester to live with her granny on Barrow Island. To meet new friends she joins the marching group – but will her face fit? Meanwhile a television crew is snooping around the island trying to dig the dirt. A comedy about trying to fit in.

Michelle Logan - Michelle
Emma Thompson - Emma
Kirsty Thompson - Kirsty
Sarah Woodall - Sarah
Lisa Simpson - Lisa
Ali Rigg - Nana/trainer/new girl
Hermione Pearson - Lucy
John Hall - John, the presenter
Phill Gregg - Phill, the sound man
Sarah Miller - Karen, the cameragirl
Rachel Ashton - passer by

The Nightmare Slayer by Sarah Miller
On Barrow Island, Diane's boyfriend Keith is putting pressure on her to get married – but she's happy as she is, just her and her 13 year old daughter Lucy. But now Lucy's having nightmares about being forced to wear uncool clothes and suddenly she wants answers . . . Mum, who is my dad?

Tracy Jones - Diane
Russ Dean - Keith
Hermione Pearson - Lucy