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Peregrine - adj.
                 1. Foreign; alien.
                 2. Roving or wandering; migratory

It is summer. 3 army cadets are on manoeuvres high on the bleak and isolated moorland plateaux, in the North Pennine region of Cumbria.

They think no one knows where they are.

But Craig does. He is on his way, fuelled by anger and pain with a dangerous secret which will blow their lives apart.

‘It didn’t make me see red, didn’t make my blood boil or my skin scratch. It made me feel calm. Calmer than I’d felt for weeks, calmer maybe than ever. I can feel it in every bit of me and look. Steady as a rock’.

Contains moderate sexual swearing and allusions to sexual practice. 14 years and over.

Touring in July 2014