Written by Sarah Miller. Kyle’s on an ASBO. He’s been named and shamed. There are places he can’t go, people he can’t meet, even words he can’t say till 2010.


Frustrated, he finds himself in the public library, trying to extend his range of expletives with a thesaurus. But in the unfamiliar world of the reference section he meets a girl, new to the area, who sees him in a whole new way. Can he find a way of walking Staci home without breaking the law or telling her about his past? Can Kyle really become who she thinks he is? ASBOy is a comedy about trying to fit in.


Maureen, Macca, Nanna Andrew Dennison

Mouse, Librarian, Lorna Hermione Pearson

Staci, Daz, Elsie Chloe Ward

Kyle Damian Rose


Director Rachel Ashton

Set Design Michelle Huitson

Lighting Design Phill Bentley

Composer / Sound Phill Gregg

Company Manager George Floyd

Asboy premiered at The Forum, Barrow in March 2006 and was performed at The Dukes Theatre, Lancaster  and Action Transport in Ellesmere Port in October 2006

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