Written by Sarah Miller from the ideas of Barrow Junior Youth Theatre, performed at The Forum, Barrow on 20th February 2010


Nothing exciting or strange ever happens in Back Tarnside until one day The Jones Family return home from holiday to find that someone else is living in their house and that no one in the village remembers them or indeed anything at all!


What can have caused this calamity? And why is the lady in the big house building that enormous extension? Time to call for Detective Norm!


Kettlewoman Katie Brayshaw

The Birdwatchers Michael Hamer, Lilly Strange

Evil Louise Cinnamon Dale

Jodie Nicole Rose

Becky Eva Clifton

Tasha Gaia Dale

Alice Zennor Dale

The Shopkeeper Lorna Taylor

Diane Ellie Morrison

Laura Sarah Smith

Cunning Plan Dad Daniel Hardie

The Policewoman Lorna Taylor

Detective Norm Michael Hamer



Director Rachel Ashton

Designer Andrew Wood

Lighting Design Greg Akehurst

Stage Manager Gary Bridgens

Scenic Artist Lucy Frost

Composer Arun Ghosh

Costume Karen Hall

Stage Crew Samson Borthwick, Damien Hartshorn, Jake Maguire

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