Frog Trouble


A short film devised by the cast. It all started when the Princess was practicing her magic spells. The first one went very well and she managed to conjour an elephant, but the next one went horribly wrong and suddenly the palace was full of frogs. The chief adviser, Charlie Rabbit, suggests she goes to see the witches in the wood. They will sort it out. Or will they?


The film was shown at Theatre Factory on Tuesday 12 December 2018



Letitia Hunsdale The Princess and A Frog 

Dylan Mallett A Frog, The Prince at the Bus Stop, The Bad Witch and A Ghost

Charlie Crowe Charlie Rabbit

Dominic Meys A Frog, The Tiger Bus Driver and The Hoover

Toby Meys The Giant Fish Finger

Kye Turner A Frog, The Monkey at the Bus Stop and Mr Pill the School Teacher

Kimberley Rose Pennick The Fairy at the Bus Stop and The Good Witch

Emmy Grear A Frog and The Magic Butterfly 





Scripted and Directed by Rachel Ashton and Karen Hall

Filmed and Edited by George Floyd

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