The Hungry Games


A sweet treat from Primary 2 Youth Theatre. The finalists have arrived for BBC One's flagship cooking competition, The Hungry Games, the show where 2 chefs go head to head to create marvellous meals from very little.


In the fridge the foodstuffs are waiting excitedly. But trouble is brewing. There is about to be an infestation.


Script devised by the cast and scripted by Karen Hall and Rachel Ashton


Films devised by the cast, shot and edited by George Floyd




Presenter of The Hungry Games Dulcie Clinch

TV Producer Esme Burden

Chef Pizza Macy Richards

Chef Mario Julia Kocon

Apple  Will Cush

Banana Nathan Powell

Strawberry Luci Lauderdale

Blueberry 1 Angel Whatley

Blueberry 2 Scarlet O'Brien

Spud Alfie Bridgens

Fish Finger Keira Hall

Pea Poppy Clinch

Lolly Esme Burden

Marshmallow Natasha Burns

Queen Ant Macy Richards

Assist-Ant to the Queen Will Cush

Bort the Ant Alfie Bridgens

Ant Army Keira, Scarlet, Julia, Nathan, Luci, Poppy


Theatre Factory Team

Directed by Karen Hall and Rachel Ashton

Assistant Director Jon Bissett

Lighting Chris Whitwood

Design Kate Unwin

Sound and AV operation Damien Rose

Stage Manager Gary Bridgens

Technical Apprentice Jon Bissett

Duke of Edinburgh Trainee Nathan Powell


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