It's Murder, Darling


By Sarah Miller in collaboration with Senior 2 Youth Theatre Young Producers.


Victor Darling has a secret, so does his wife Lavinia, his daughter Molly, his sister-in-law Victoria, his butler Mr Sir and the maid Eleanor. Then the jewels go missing and fearsome Aunt Adeline is on her way to view them. Not to worry because 2 of Scotland Yard's finest minds are on the case. Includes the art of Baritsu.


Performed at Theatre Factory on 19, 20 and 21 February 2015


Victor Darling Joe Atkinson

Lavinia Darling Rebekah Thompson

Victoria Darling Megan Williams

Molly Darling Molly Peel

Mr Sir (their butler) Adam Lenartowicz

Eleanor (their maid) Tara Edwards Doughty

Aunt Adeline Damien Rose

Detective 1 Nicole Rose

Detective 2 Eva Clifton

Chief Inspector Megan Williams


Directors Rachel Ashton and Kat Kelly

Lighting Design and operation Chris Whitwood

Sound Design Damian Rose

Stage Manager Gary Bridgens

Costumes from Hilary's Costume Barn

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