Joe's Room


Joe's Room was devised by Barrow Junior and Senior Youth Theatres and written by the Theatre Factory Young Writer’s Group helped by Sarah Miller

Joe has problems – his mum doesn’t listen to him, especially since Granny Maggie died; his brother’s a bully and his dad doesn’t seem to know who Joe is . . .

Then one day something really weird happens; there is a freak accident with his Playstation and, incredibly, Joe discovers a portal to another world . . .

When Dad falls into the portal, Joe must follow and play the game of his life to save him.

They find themselves battling with animated Stick Men, life sized talking Dust Mites and bizarre video game characters, not to mention a game show run by Monkeys . . . but over in the distance someone familiar is beckoning . . .

Performed at The Forum, February 11th and 12th 2008


Josh Jonathan Bissett

Dad Adam Brown

Dust mite / Sea Monkey / Monkey /

Snake / Stickman / Game City Resident Anna Brown

Dust mite / Sea Monkey / Monkey / Snake / Stickman / Game City Resident Rachael Cage

Stickman / Game City Resident Sarah Cage

Stickman / Game City Resident Natalie Calvert

Dust mite / Electricity / Old Monkey King / Snake Samuel Carswell

Dust Mite/ Sea Monkey/Monkey/ Snake/Stickman/ Game City Resident Jessica Cleghorn

Dust Mite/ Sea Monkey/Monkey/ Snake Louise Cleghorn

Dust Mite/ Sea Monkey/ Monkey/Snake Eva Clifton

Granny Maggie Lois Clifton

Bar Boy Jamie Cubiss

Chris's Mum / Stickman /Game City Resident Emma Devereaux

Wall 1/ Stickman Megan Furness

Dust Mite / Lost Sea Monkey /Hench Monkey 1 / Snake / Evil Joe Robbie Gaffney

Josh's Mum/Stickman / Wall 3 Rebekah George

Stickman / Old Lady’s Dress / Game City Resident Carolann Hartley

Mum Andrea Martin

Stickman / Teen Dress / Game City Resident Louise Morton

Science Girl Meryn Nixon

Dad in Monkey World Daniel Pacey

Joe Joe Rose

Dust Mite/ Sea Monkey/ Monkey/Snake Nicole Rose

Dust Mite / Electricity /Hench Monkey 2 / Snake Daniel Scott

Wall 2 / Stickman / Little Girl’s Dress Marisa Scott

Dust Mite / Electricity / Monkey /Snake Sarah Smith

Jamie James Stewart

Chris Sam Stitt

Dust Mite / Electricity / Monkey / Snake Lorna Taylor

Stickman / Game City Resident Rebecca Taylor

Joe in Monkey World Daniel Vigus

Joe in Game City Luke Vigus

Dad in Game City Shaun Whittam


Director Rachel Ashton

Script Editor and Assistant Director Sarah Mller

Set and Costume Design Michelle Huitson

Music and sound Phill Gregg

Lighting Design Phil Bentley

Stage Manager Gary Bridgens

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