An Evening of Nastiness and Bad Behaviour


Following some challenging behaviour in last year's company the creative team at Theatre Factory sat down with Senior 1 and we talked together at length about why bad behaviour happens and the stresses and pressures on young people today.


Out of those interesting discussions came this evening's entertainment. It is a mixture of the young people's own devised pieces plus some extracts from classic and modern plays.


Performed by Barrow Youth Theatre, Senior 1 on Tuesday 13 and Wednesday 14 December 2016 at Theatre Factory





The Worst I've Ever Been - devised by The Cast

A short survey of our bad behaviour!


My Mother Said I Never Should by Charlotte Keatley (opening scene)- Small girls plot murder


New Kid - devised by Joe, Eric and Lan Lan

The new kid is bullied but he is smart and NOT to be messed with


Romeo and Juliet - Act 1, Scene 1, Teenaged gangs create street agro in Verona Town


Week 1 @ School - devised by Aliyah, Terri and Ellie

Mean girls and shifting alliances


Pink Shirt - devised by Lana, Ailan and Aliyah

The pressure to have the right stuff


D.N.A. by Dennis Kelly. A bunch of school kids think they have murdered their associate. They plan a cold, calculating cover up. Does evil exist or is it a question of survival?

The Tempest - Act 1 Scene 2 by W. Shakespeare Prospero, the Magician, has taught the monster Caliban to speak, but has also stolen the island from him and keeps him locked in a cave. Here Caliban confronts his tormentor.


Prank - devised by Bridget, Annabel, Nia and Sheronna with input from Joe


The Worst You've ever been to me - What goes around comes around.



Lana Shand, Ailan Ma, Lan Lan Lioa, Nia Atkins, Sheronna Kilip, Annabel Atherton, Bridget O'Brien, Aliyah Turner, Ellie Hodgson, Eric Nelson, Joseph Barnes, Terri Eve Davies.


Directors - Karen Hall, Kat Ford, Rachel Ashton

Lighting - Chris Whitwood

Sound - Damian Rose

Set design - Karen Hall with The Cast

Technical apprentice - Jon Bissett


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