Something at the Window is Scratching


Adapted from the cult short stories by Roman Dirge, author of Leonore the Little Dead Girl. Performed at The Forum, Barrow in March 2005. With special thanks to Andrea Sosa-Martin for her role in helping to devise the show


Act 1

After their mum and dad disappeared leaving only a note taped onto the fridge, Brother and sister Max (9 years) and Molly (11 years) look

after each other in their increasingly rubbish filled house.


One day their cat, Miss Tiki, gives birth to a very strange kitten, ‘the cat with a really big head’. Disgusted, Molly goes in search of a new pet while Max tries to love the new kitten. 


Meanwhile, each night the house is visited by the magical Sandman who brings both Max and the kitten a variety of strangely unpleasant dreams brought on by Molly’s attempts at

bed-time stories.


Act 2

Five years later, Molly has left home to run a circus freak show and Max is sharing the squalid house with a lot of flies. When his girlfriend dumps him for a lad with a Mercedes all the negative emotions he feels move into the house with him.


With the help of his friends he fights them off. Meanwhile the rubbish is coming alive . . .




Directors Phill Gregg and Rachel Ashton

Design John Hall

Lighting Design  Alan Jackson

Original Music Phill Gregg and Andy Fullard

Lighting Operation Jason Moore and Michael Kahli

Tech Crew Furness College Technical Students

Sound Operation Dan Moore

Stage Manager Gary Bridgens

Deputy Stage Manager Carly Blanchard

Assistant Stage Managers Michael Ullock and Colin Blanchard

Design assistants and makers from Barrow Island Primary School Art Club, Katie Bewley, Jamie Carter, Rebecca Hunter, Lucy Kerr, Christopher McMahon, Natalie Millington, Kerri Mitchell, Meghan Morris, Stephen Postlethwaite, Paul Rawcliffe, William Rawcliffe

CAST Act 1

Max Morgan Kendall

Molly Emma Devereaux

Billy Robbie Gaffney

Billy's Bunny Rosalie Bower

Beth Bird Carolann Hartley

Bob Bird Joe Rose

Miss Tikki Rebecca Taylor

Cat with really Big Head Bradley Higginson

Mr Stinky David Gent

Mr Stinky's Gang Jasmine O'connor, Thomas William McEwan, Lizzie Jones, Jessica Shaw McGregor, Erin Thompson

Baby Sandman Samuel Carswell

Bed Bugs Madison Brill Edwards, Anna Brown, Emma Hodgson

Sideways Man and Dream Cat Jessica Cleghorn

Ragamuffin and Dream Cat Sophie Davis

Vampire Fan Club and Dream Cats Erin Thompson, Rebekah George, Hannah Gibbons, Chloe Hindmarsh


CAST Act 2

Max Adam Brown

Molly Lois Clifton

Girlfriend Hermione Pearson

Lisa Lois Clifton

Billy Daniel Pacey

Pear Head Callum Gallagher

Bread Boy Damian Rose

He Who Is Pain PJ Mason

Sir Anger Connor Kendall

Alone Charlotte Walker

Betrayal Hermione Pearson

Little Contempt Rebecca Dawson

Love in Vain Mike Scott

Self Esteem Amy Camm

Ambition Terri Leigh Binns

Wise Fly Phillip Dodding

Nosey Fly Kelly Pacey

Pun Fly Mattie Gregg

Bored Fly Thomas Gawne

Scared Fly Lucy Smith

Dancing, Humming Fly Oliver Carswell

Grandpa Fly Adam Wass

Butter Girl Hermione Pearson

Peter the Pirate Squid Charlotte Walker

Reindeer Oliver Carswell

Bumble Bee Emily Mullen

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