Devised by Theatre Factory Community Actors


Following a blow to the head, a nasty incident with a bee and an explosion in the hospital cafe's kitchen, a large group of people are in A+E.


They end up going down a hole in the ground with the Minister for Health, only to emerge somewhere else, where it turns out there has been an elaborate ruse.


Have they been stung?


CAST in order of appearance


The Mayor - Adam Egginton

His secretary - Matthew Cooper

Bee Charity woman - Alice Stobbart

The very helpful guy - Shaun Whittam

Man looking for ties - Reece Thomas

Nancy - Kelly Cooke

Doris - Hayley Warner

Mrs Miggins - Lee Brown

Mr Black - Jon Bissett

The hospital cafe chef - Reece Thomas

The Minister for Health - Chrissie Bentley

Barbara, a hospital receptionist - Dave Mitchell

Sharon, another hospital receptionist - Tracy Jones

Alan, the man with the baby - Curtis Coplen



Direction Rachel Ashton and Kat Ford

Sound Design and Operation Damian Rose

Lighting Design and Operation Chris Whitwood

Design Kate Unwin

Stage Manager Gary Bridgens

Cloths painted by Hayley Warner


Performed at Theatre Factory on 19 and 20 February 2016

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