After two sell out shows, Sarah Miller’s ASBOy and ICE BABY, The Ashton Group’s ground breaking Apprenticed Actors Company returned with Sarah's new play called SURFACING

3 things to know about Aaron:


  1. He is 17 and lives with his dad in a seaside town

  2. He walks to the beach everyday with his tape measure and his note-book

  3. He has Asperger’s syndrome and views the world his way

One day he finds a girl, Luna, on the beach and discovers feelings that are not so easy to measure.

This is a play about the unexpected, how hidden things surface and feelings are revealed . . . like Luna’s secret story


Lee Andrew Dennison

Beth Ashleigh Dobson

Aaron Damian Rose

Luna Karen Mitchell


Director Rachel Ashton

Set Design Michelle Huitson

Lighting Design Chris Whitwood

Composition/Sound Phill Gregg

Stage Manager Gary Bridgens

Company Manager George Floyd

Surfacing was performed at
The Forum, Barrow-in-Furness, 5th March 2008
Burnley Youth Theatre, 6th March 2008
The Playstation, Penrith, 10th March 2008
The Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal, 12th March 2008

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