The Selkie Boy


The Selkie Boy** by Kevin Fegan and Barrow Senior Youth Theatre, performed at The Forum, Barrow on 20th February 2010.


It is summer. A group of Barrow teenagers are camping out on Piel Island. A boy, missing for years, turns up with a strange story. Is he lying; is he mad; or did something really happen in the chilly waters of the Irish Sea?


A beautiful and strange story about the effects of going missing told with puppetry and live action


**Selkies are creatures in Irish and Scottish mythology that can transform themselves from seals to humans by shedding their seal skins.


Director Rachel Ashton

Designer Andrew Wood

Lighting Design Greg Akehurst

Stage Manager Gary Bridgens

Scenic Artist Lucy Frost

Composer Arun Ghosh

Stage Crew Samson Borthwick, Damien Hartshorn, Jake Maguire


Jimmy's Grandad Jonathan Bissett

Jimmy Dan Vigus

Olivia Hannah Stevenson

Cheryl Rebecca Taylor

Leona Elysia While

Craig Daniel Pacey

Harry Pothead Luke Vigus

Finn Sam Stitt

The Journalists Robbie Gaffney, Chantelle Waddington

The Police Dan Scott, Rebecca Taylor, Elysia While, Sarah Cage, Jasmine Aldred, Peter Stirrup

The Psychiatrists Sam Carswell, Rebekah George

The Teachers Rachel Cage, Jessica Cleghorn, Anna Brown

The Government Officials Emma Devereaux, Marisa Scott, Oliver Geary, Aaron Waterston

The Social Workers Faye Pearson, Alice Stobart

The Neighbours Nicole Halliwell, Megan McCracken,  Sasha Hughes

Jimmy's Gran Alice Stobbart

Jimmy's Mum Faye Pearson

The Missing Children Jasmine Aldred, Jessica Cleghorn, Anna Brown, Emma Devereaux, Sarah Cage, Peter Stirrup, Aaron Waterston

The Seals of Smelly Corner Jessica Cleghorn, Anna Brown, Rachel Cage, Emma Devereaux, Rebekah George, Marisa Scott, Sam Carswell, Sarah Cage, Dane Giddings, Faye Pearson, Jasmine Aldred, Sasha Hughes, Megan McCracken, Chantelle Waddington

Bill the Turtle Robbie Gaffney

Gloria the Fish Nicole Halliwell

Leona's Mates Sasha Hughes, Rebekah George, Nicole Haliwell

Craig's Mates Dan Scott, Oliver Geary, Robbie Gaffney, Jonathan Bisset

Barman Dane Giddings

The Stripper Sam Carswell

Mr and Mrs Carter Jonathan Bissett, Marisa Scott

Finn's Dad Dan Pacey

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