Time Tales


20th Century was devised by members of Barrow Senior Youth Theatre and Clockwork was adapted from Philip Pullman's novel by Barrow Junior Youth Theatre


Performed at The Forum in March and April 2000


Direction and Sound Phil Gregg

Lighting Design Kevin Borthwick

Lighting Operation Little Kevin

Design John McInally

Production and Administration Rachel Ashton

Costume Aileen Dixon

Stage Managers David Shipley, John McInally

CAST 20th Century

Amy Peel

Charlotte Hook

Charlotte Long

Cherie Wood

David Shipley

Georgia Forest

Hazel Eccles

Holly Hartley

Jodie Louise Quirk

Joy Williams

Kate Hadwin

Katheryn Ford

Katie McAlinden

Kelly Archer

Larissa Povey

Laura Barker

Laura Luty

Michelle Kendall

Rachel Wilson

Robin Lennox


CAST Clockwork

Alanah Smith

Andrew Barnes

Carl Lewis

Catherine Jenkins

Charlotte Ward

Emily Old

Emma Coward

Emma-Louise Taylor

Faye Lancaster

Kelly Saunders

Kier Rathbone

Laura Cameron

Lois Clifton

Megan Wilson

Rosie Beach

Stephanie Fisher

Stephanie McGill

Terran Moffat

Wayne Gregg

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