Tiny Tales and Delightful Dances


The evening's programme was the result of a collaboration between The Ashton Group's Theatre Factory and Dare Dance.


The stories were created in workshop by Theatre Factory's youngest actors, Primary 1 and were then passed  over to Dare Dance Infants and Juniors for their interpretation. While the dances were being created Primary 1 turned the tales into short films.


Film 1 How Bats Came to Live in Caves

Dance 1 How Bats Came to Live in Caves

Film 2 How the Peacock got his Spotty Tail

Dance 2 How the Peacock got his Spotty Tail

Film 3 The Emperor and The Tiny People


Theatre Factory, Primary 1 Youth Theatre

Ben Cooke              Charlie Crowe

Harry Dowling         Keira Hall

Yi Nuo Liao              Lei Ma

Dominic Meys         Toby Meys


Dare Dance  INFANTS

Hanying Gu             Levon Beckett

Rebecca Rooney    Elijah Briggs

Amy O'Neil              Abigail Venton

Adele Long             Romeisa Barkahoum

Lucy O'Connor       Yi Nuo Liao


Dare Dance JUNIORS

Chloe Murphy        Jacey Haworth

Leah Jones            Martha Ross

Darla Singleton      Libby Lea Shaw

Georgia Pass


Direction Rachel Ashton and Karen Hall

Script Rachel Ashton, Karen Hall and the Cast

Choreography Amanda Mortlock

Film Editing George Floyd

Sound Operator Damian Rose

Lighting Design and Operation Chris Whitwood


Performed at Theatre Factory on 7 December

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