The Townspeople and the Wolf


Devised and written by the cast in collaboration with Rachel Ashton and Karen Hall, and performed at Theatre Factory in December 2013. The production forms part of the cast's Arts Award 'Discover' Project.


The people of the small town of Newyorkio welcome you to their town square tonight to hear the terrifying tale of what befell their community.


It all started when Amy’s sheep went missing.


Where have they gone and what is that howling in the woods?


Be afraid . . .



John, the Lollipop Man Alfie Bridgens

Mrs Smith, the Cook

Amy, the Farmer Ruby Jones

Daisy, the Gardener Keira Hall

Mr Marshall, the Schoolteacher Keiran Grey

The Big Bad Wolf Angel Whatley

The Newyorkio Princesses Bethany King, Mikayleigh Love, Tiasavannah Freeman

The Ladies who Lunch Scarlett Jones, Maya Crellin



Directors Rachel Ashton and Karen Hall

Lighting Design Chris Whitwood

Sound Design George Floyd

Stage Management Eva Clifton and Laura Crellin

Costume The Cast with Karen Hall

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