The Price of Land


We are delighted to be able to present the preview of The Price of Land before it starts a Northern tour. The Price of Land was made here in Barrow and features Cumbrian actors, Toby Gaffney and Connie Svatins with a sound track by Barrow's Damian Rose

Eight voices, eight stories, eight working lives, eight moments spread across half a millenium. Each playing a part in building our unique Cumbrian landscape.


This powerful verse-drama gives a voice to the forgotten people of the County: the quarrymen and miners, charcoal burners, peat-cutters, drovers, drystone-wallers and farmers of Cumbria. Through a series of episodes from 1568 to 2018 we hear stories that remind us that our experience of living and working in the rural North today has its roots in a shared and often uncompromising history.

Theatre Factory

Saturday 25 January at 7.30 pm

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Written by local poet and author Geoff Cox, and directed by the award-winning Kevin Dyer, this production ranges widely across the Cumbrian landscape, brilliantly captured in a shifting projection of stills and film, and set against a location-made soundtrack composed by Barrow born sound artist Damian Rose.


A new play by award-winning writer Chris Salt, about being a teenager, growing up and friendship

One day Lyle walks out of his life and up on to the high fells. On the edge of a deep tarn he meets Jake who has a gun and a dog and a life as far removed from Lyle’s as possible. Over the course of 24 hours, Lyle and Jake chip away at each other until they are no longer sure who they really are or what the future holds for them. At the mercy of the elements, all they have is each other.

fell was runner-up to both the Octagon Theatre National Prize and the Papatango Prize.

This show is suitable for young people from 14 years and up.

Theatre Factory

Thursday 13 February at 7.30 pm

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